Monday, August 27, 2012

Stash Bash!

I have built up quite a stash of yarn in the past few years since picking up crochet again and learning to knit. I have decided to not buy any more yarn (at least try!) until I use up some of my stash. I have sucessfully made several projects using up some wool and cotton. I have found that I really do not like acrylic yarn at all. I don't like the way it feels, and would never make something for a friend or family member that I didn't love! So, unless I find a good use for it, it will go to Goodwill.  Ok, so that said, I will post a picture of the cutest little woolie capris that I whipped up using a 3/4 hank of 100purewool that I had left over from a hat I made a couple of years ago. The trim is also from my stash (Paton's Classic Wool), and it matches pretty well I must say! I actually didn't quite have enough (oops!) So I found a fellow yarn lover on Ravelry that was selling/trading the color I needed. She was kind enough to sell me 1 ball of yarn so I could finish my project. Now I will have to make a matching hat! :)
So, I've been wanting to do use up some yarn in my stash for some time now, but a fellow mama blogger has challenged her readers to do it and blog about it! Check out her blog and get working on using up that stash of your own! :)