Sunday, December 6, 2009

My "real" diaper obsession

I must first give a big thank you to Katrina, for her pattern that she has provided for FREE! You can find it at Most of these were made from her patterns. Thank you Katrina for providing not only your pattern, but also detailed instructions!

I have found a new obsession, it's called cloth diapers. Not only cloth diapers (cd), but making my own cd. These are pictures of cd covers. Wool covers made from "recycled" wool sweaters. I bought these from goodwill, and chopped them up, or massacred, some may say! Who cares, I'm having fun! Who thought diapering could be fun??? These to the left in red and orange were my first ones made.

These two brown-ish ones came from the same sweater, the one above is made from the sleeves, and the one to the left is made from a pattern I printed off the internet. What a great tool, the internet!

These grey ones, right below, are from an "ichy" sweater my mom couldn't wear. By the time I lanolized it, it wasn't "ichy" anymore.

The shorties, are probably my favorite shortie soaker. the "cuffs" are actually the cuffs off of a cashmere sweater.
I like to find wool sweaters made of merino wool. They are soft and not ichy.
I use old fashioned prefold (pf) diapers, then put these covers over the pf. Yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts, but it is very rewarding for me. He doesn't change diapers anyway! Washing them is easy, right now anyway, Reese is only eating breast milk! I have not used a disposable diaper (sposie) in over 2 months. I did use them when he was little, I actually used a combination of cd, sposies and g-diapers. I still use g-diapers too. I use cloth wipes too, that's how this whole thing got started. My mom and I were shopping at Babies R Us when I was prego and I was in need of a wipe warmer. I ran across a brand of cloth wipes that are made of bamboo. Very soft, but they do have a tendency to unravel! I picked up a pack of 8. I also discovered the g-diapers on that shopping trip. I now use a rotation of 16 bamboo wipes, and about 15 washcloths for wipes. I fold them so they pop up just like disposable wipes and put them in my warmer. So cool! I make my own wipe solution and everything. I'm so thrifty! Not only do I save money, but it's better for my baby, and that's what really counts!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Thanks...

Jesse James and brother Reese

Gee and Reese

We are truly blessed. We are healthy and rich with life's treasures. But why do we always want more? We take so much for granted, we want what other people have. We say, "If I only had this, or It would be better if ...". We need to take a step back and realize that what we have is what we need. Most people have it backwards, they put themselves first, then maybe others after that, and forget about putting God any where in the mix. If you put God first, others second and put yourself third, then your life will be full of joy and fullfillment! Give thanks for what you have!

Opa and Reese

Oma and Reese

This Thanksgiving we got to spend the holidays with some of our family. Of course my mom and Bill came over, Jacob too. We also shared dinner with our friend Lisa. A nice dinner of turkey (of course), dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn pudding, and dinner rolls. For dessert I made a pecan pie and a sweet potato pie. Yum! Ate it for days!

Luckily Chris' mom and dad (also known as Oma and Opa) were able to drive down for a visit for the weekend. Oma is a wonderful chef! She can make anything! I have learned a lot from her. It was really nice to see them.

We do miss the rest of our family that we don't get to see that often, we can only hope to see you all soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

Baby's first Christmas

Sorry for the sideways photos! First time blogger...

Of course you all know this will be Reese's first Christmas. We have already put up our tree and started decorating the house. Jesse is so excited! He is anticipating Santa coming to bring him lots of presents. He said last year that Santa "brought too many" if that is even possible! So this year we told Santa just the things he wanted. He has just discovered the Star Wars Saga and is totally into it. We have watched 4 of the 6 movies. Thanks to Jacob, we can watch them as we like. (He owns the complete set in DVD!) Jesse is also into Legos, me too! I love building the sets! It's the kid in me... :)

We decided to go with a plastic tree this year, Jesse is highly allergic to the real thing :( we miss the smell of pine, but atleast he is not snotting and sneezing all over the place!