Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby's first Christmas

Sorry for the sideways photos! First time blogger...

Of course you all know this will be Reese's first Christmas. We have already put up our tree and started decorating the house. Jesse is so excited! He is anticipating Santa coming to bring him lots of presents. He said last year that Santa "brought too many" if that is even possible! So this year we told Santa just the things he wanted. He has just discovered the Star Wars Saga and is totally into it. We have watched 4 of the 6 movies. Thanks to Jacob, we can watch them as we like. (He owns the complete set in DVD!) Jesse is also into Legos, me too! I love building the sets! It's the kid in me... :)

We decided to go with a plastic tree this year, Jesse is highly allergic to the real thing :( we miss the smell of pine, but atleast he is not snotting and sneezing all over the place!


  1. Yeay, you're blogging!!! :D I love it! I will be doing more on my site, as I get more settled. Reese is getting so big, so fast, but then again so are the other three! lol What a special time of year for your family, baby's first Christmas. Are you staying home or going to Phoenix at all? Wish we were closer to be able to see you guys, maybe some day we can all get together for the holidays.... wishes, wishes....

    Love and miss you!!

  2. Hi Debbie!
    Yes we are going to AZ for Christmas, we will actually be there for Teresa's wedding! yea! We are looking forward to it. This blogging thing is fun, thanks for introducing me to it and encouraging me! Miss you all!