Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reese's new tooth!

So, we are starting new foods with the Reese man. Oh, and he has started teething!!!! OMG, totally forgot how difficult it can be! The first picture is Reese eating carrots, his first food, besides rice cereal. They were really sweet, I steamed them and pureed until buttery smooth. He ate them pretty well. I love the faces he makes! He crinkles his forehead and eyebrows!! so cute! He is also eating butternut squash with pears, also steamed. The one thing about this is his toots and poopy are getting really stinky!!! LOL!

Jesse LOVES his Reesey! He can't get enough of him. They get along very well, Reese smiles and laughs at his brother's funny faces.
Jesse is a very good big brother. He would like to carry him around with him! The cutest laughs come out of the both of them when they play together. It warms my heart!

Reese is starting to get his first couple of teeth. Some days are harder than others. I don't like seeing him in pain, poor baby! And he does bite hard, ouch!

Here is Reese enjoying some yummy pureed apples and pears that Mommy steamed just for him. The bottom picture is the one picture so far that you can kind of see a tooth. I have taken soooo many pictures, but that tooth is very illusive. My baby is getting bigger by the day, sigh... I am trying not to blink! Before you know it he will be walking.

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